What we expect you to know


You should know, what these terms mean and you should be able to explain them in your own words.

Soma . germ line . stem cells . totipotent . somatic embryogenesis . pattern formation .  systemic polarity . cell polarity . closed patterns . open patterns . stochastic . phyllotaxis . telome theory . auxin canalisation . heterocysts . Turing system . reaction-diffusion system . weak coupling . polarity induction . cell lineage . laser ablation

German-English Glossary

05 Development: Exercise

The experiment by Tsvi Sachs. Where was the auxin source?


1. Tell for the mature pollen tube of Angiosperms, what is germ line and what is soma.

2. What happens, when in the cyanobacteria the gene for patS is overexpressed? Can this be phenocopied in the wild type?

3. Left is a representation of one of Tsvi Sachs' experiments on vascular regeneration. A. Where was the agar block with auxin positioned in this experiment? B. How can one visualise the regenerated vessels?

4. The Gierer-Meinhard / Turing model can explain numerous self organisation events in biology. Can you indicate for the phyllotaxis example, what is the activator and what is the inhibitor?