CRISPR/Cas Plasmids (S.aureus)

Gateway cloning plasmid set Staphylococcus aureus

pDe-Sa-CAS9 (Nuclease) sequence information

  • Cas9 expression vector (Cas9 driven by the constitutive Ubi4-2 promotor from parsley)
  • Binary Gateway destination vector (contains ccdB gene!)
  • Bacterial selection: Spectinomycin (100 mg/l)
  • Plant selection: Kanamycin (30 mg/l)


pEn-Sa-Chimera (sgRNA) sequence information

  • sgRNA coding vector (sgRNA can easily be customized for any target site of interest; sgRNA is driven by the Arabidopsis U6-26 promoter)
  • Gateway entry vector
  • Bacterial selection: Ampicillin (100 mg/l)