Topical Path Plant Sex

The flower of the Indian Lotus breaths mystery. On our topical path you learn more about the secrets of plant sex (image Karlheinz Knoch).


Whe we hear "sexuality", we think about men and women, love songs and mating rites – all these phenomena are not seen in plants. Do plants have sex? Oh yeah, but they do it secretly. Sex is even the core of evolutionary plant success. Only by sex plants were able to settle the barren land and render it a lifely place also for us. Reason enough to invest a look on plant sex:

  • A botanist fom Karlsruhe quests plant sex and finds the genes: What is the link of Zar Katharina the Great with genetics… more
  • Why Gender Mainstreaming does not make sense in plants: Plants are mostly hermaphroditic – why and how can bisexuality work? more
  • Sex and Crisis: Why plants always survived: Several times plants almost got extinct. Sex was their rescue… more
  • Lure, Fake, Torture: On the creativity of plant sex…: They pretend to be innocent – in reality they manipulate by all means… more
  • Sexual Symbiosis: The ultimate trick - how plants couple their own sexuality to that of animals... more
  • Avocado Miracle: femal in the morning, male in the evening, or the other way round... more