Avocado (Persea americana) is the economically most important member of the Laurels (Lauracee). Originating from South Mexico, domesticated by the azteks. Name acuacatl (Nacuatl language) meansTree Testicles“. The Avocado were propagated by the Spanish. They have a strange type of gender. Type A such as the variety "Hass" is female in the morning, but male in the evening, while type B, such as the variety "Fuerte" is male in the morning and female in the evening. To get fruits, one needs to plant A and B together.

This is a special case of day-time dependent proterogyny, meaning that the female organs are active first and decay later, when the male organs became fertile.

The explanation is that the A-type plants open in the morning with immature stamina, those mature in the afternoon. Instead B-type plants open, agains as female, in the afternoon of the first day, such that they are male in the morning of the second day. Gender is thus, dependent on daytime.

In cold climate, the early development of the females is slowed, such that they mature at the same time as the males. Now, the plant is self-fertile. Avocados were propagated by Giant Sloths, no recent mammal could swallow (and later expell) the gigantic seed.