What we offer to the public


The KIT funds the Botanical Garden as powerful element for research and teaching in biology. In addition, we are committed for the dialogue between science and public. This commitment is voluntary and in addition to our intense work in research and teaching - in other words: we do this in our free time, as a form of social volunteering. We do this, because we think that this dialogue is essential. Since 2017, the Association of Friends and Supporters of the Botanical Garden of the KIT help us in this task.

You can, therefore, not only visit the garden free of charge during the opening hours, but also select from our offer on a variety of events dealing with the plant world:

What for does the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology afford to have a Botanical Garden? There is already the Castle Garden. Why should there be a second garden in Karlsruhe then. Over a long time, both were part of a larger garden, which had been founded by the House of Baden, due to a progressive view on the role of science, long before the university was initiated. Read here, why Botanical Gardens are important, and what is special about our garden. our profile...

Already from its beginnings, the garden was place where science encountered society. Did you know that the Karlsruhe botanist Joseph Kölreuter advanced the emancipation of women? In conflict with the ideas of that time, he could show that mother and father symmetrically contribute to inheritance. History

This tradition is still alive. The Botanical Institute uses the garden as forum to foster the dialogue with the public. Science and society in dialogue

In addition to the events organised by the Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Botanischen Gartens we have developed for you numerous offers to inform yourself, which you can use any time individually (the garden is open every day except Saturdays, and it is free of charge). What about our Topical Path Plant Sex or the Topical Path Species Conservation. But may be you just want to walk on our Round Tours to learn via QR-Codes more about the exciting life of our Plants.