Microtubules bind a regulator of nuclear transport

RanGAP controls nuclear transport. We show that during cell division, in addition, it binds to microtubules.



Pay A, Resch K, Frohnmeyer H, Nagy F, Nick P (2002) RanGAP1 is localized in the nuclear envelope and the phragmoplast. Plant J 30, 699-710 - pdf

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What is the story?

RanGAP1 steers the activity of the signaling factor Ran, which controls Protein Transport into the nucleus. It is shown that plant RanGAP1 is localised to the nuclear envelope (this was expected). It is shown further that RanGAP1 during division associates with microtubules (this was unexpected). Thus, RanGAP1 conveys two different functions.