Orders Cell Biology (Sabine Purper)

Orders for cell culture and microscopy: Sabine Purper

Orders for molecular biology (and protein chemistry): Nadja Wunsch

NEW: you also have to add the CAS number when you order. Reason: many compounds run under different names for different reasons (e.g. potassium versus Kalium, or sucrose versus saccharose, or indole acetic acid versus auxin), which can cause chaos. However, each chemical compound has the internationally acknowledged CAS number, which helps to make sure that the compound you use is really the one you want to use. In our chemical list on the lab organizer site, we therefore progressively add the CAS numbers, such that you can search the list easily to find out, whether the compound is already here and where you can find it. By your entry, you help to update this list.

NEW: many of our compounds are currently stocked in several versions, in different labs. If they run out, they often are ordered several times, such that we have four bottles that are half empty and turn old, although one bottle would be more sufficient. We cannot afford this, therefore, you have to help to become more efficient. When you order, you have to indicate, whether the compound is new for the lab, whether we have it, but it is really out (and not just in one of the multiple sites), or whether we still have it, but you are not sure, whether it is still working, because it is old. Please be conscientous about our limited funds and check out first in our chemical list on the lab organizer site before you make unnecessary orders of duplicates. If you have old compounds where you doubt on their functionality, please hand them over to Sabine Purper or Nadja Wunsch, such that we can check, whether to discard or to maintain.

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