Applied Biodiversity



What is it about?

Diversity is the most important lever, by which Life can cope with the challenges on our planet. Our group Applied Biodiversity links fundamental research with application:


  • We want to understand, what plant species actually are, how they arise, and whether there are "genes of speciation"?
  • We use such genes to protect consumers in a globalised world against adulterated plant products.
  • We develop new paths to valorisa biodiversity for the solution of human-made problems.
  • We search new paths to preserve biodiversity


Protect and Use

starting from the attempt to rescue the endangered European Wild Grapevine, our collection turned into a resource for breeding. more...


Superfood & Co

...are not rarely faked. Botanical globalisation is a challenge for consumer safety. Our recipe: gene markers, microscopy and a collection of reference plants in the Botanical Garden.  more...


What is a Species?

In plants something else than in animals. Possibly a process rathern than a fixed entity. We connect evolution and development to sort this. more...


Co-Evolution based on communication. This leads to new concepts for plant protection. Instead of poisoning our environment, we should rather learn to communicate more efficiently with Nature. more...