PhD students

PhD students
Portrait Name Room E-Mail Aufgabengebiet
Eman Abuslima
515 eman abuslima does-not-exist.partner kit edu Transportation of sucrose from source to sink in Sorghum under Salinity Stress
Noemi Flubacher
515 noemi flubacher does-not-exist.kit edu M4F - Microbes for Future, how to render grapevine resilient against climate-born diseases
Hamama Guetteche
514 hamama guetteche does-not-exist.kit edu Ancient barley landraces from Algeria - phylogeny and potential as nutraceutical against diabetes II
Nathalie Hering
514 nathalie hering does-not-exist.student kit edu How scent evolved - chemical LEGO in Mint
Xuan Liu
515 xuan liu does-not-exist.kit edu Role of the microtubule-phospholipase D signalling hub for stress tolerance in rice
Christian Metzger
514 christian metzger does-not-exist.kit edu Microfluidic chip for observation of immunoregulating signals (Interreg DialogProTec)
Kai Miadowitz
514 kai miadowitz does-not-exist.kit edu Microtubules as target for new herbicides
Nitin Pawar
517 nitin pawar does-not-exist.partner kit edu miRNA and adaptation to salt stress
Toranj Rahpeyma
515 toranj rahpeyma does-not-exist.kit edu Form shapes matter - stromules and metabolic channelling
Nasim Reshadinejad
514 nasim reshadinejad does-not-exist.kit edu Molecular and functional analysis of alkaloid biosynthesis in Cephalotaxus
Wenjing Shi
514 wenjing shi does-not-exist.kit edu Microtubule-based cold sensing and gene expression in Vitis
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