Übungsfragen zu M06B Vorlesung 2

  1. Darwin's book had strong impact on economical theory. Rethink the following Quotation by J.D. Rockefeller, one of the first global economical players and analyse, which type of Bühler speech act is used (expression, representation, appeal). Is this now a description, an explanation, a request, or a normative statement (moralic/ethical)? „Growth of a large enterprise is working only by survival of the fittest... The American Beauty Rose can be produced in the splendor and fragrance which bring cheer to its beholder only by sacrificing the early buds which grow up around it. This is not an evil tendency in business. It is merely the working-out of a law of nature and a law of God. “ (Address to the students of Brown University) Do you notice something?
  2. The Liver Wort is traditionally used to cure diseases of the liver. The explanation by Paracelsus is that this plant is endowed with leaves that are shaped like a liver. Which type of Aristotelian cause is here used as Explanation? How would we try a modern explanation?
  3. The nectaries of flowers have the purpose to reward the pollinator with nectar for the service it does to the plant. Can you explain this phenomenon without the use of finalistic statements (Purpose Cause in the nomenclature of Aristoteles)?
  4. Determine for the example of the Galapagos Finches, what is explanandum what is explanans 
  5. Consider for the example of the twin species of the Panama Shrimps (lecture Grundlagen der Biologie) a description and an explanation.

Nachbereitung zu M06B Vorlesung 2

Mayr, E. This is biology Kapitel 4. Das ganze Buch gibt es auch in der UB in deutscher Übersetzung Signatur: 2004 A 19126