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As result of globalisation, novel, often exotic plants reach Europe - often as living plants, often as processed product. New food trends, or growing interest into alternative medicine such as Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) challenge consumer protectoin and quality control. It is often very difficult to validate or authenticate these products. However, consumers need to be sure that the declaration of a product matches its content.

Case Study

Is really inside, what is declared? We use a combination of molecualr markers and classical microscopy to verify this.

We use a combination of genetic barcoding (authentication by means of genetic markers) and classical authentication (microscopical analysis, TLC). We use herefore an extensive collection of well characterized and verified reference plants in our Botanical Garden. In addition to cooperations in the field of Research and Development wie also offer service on commercial base, e.g. for companies that trade or process plant products. 

Our methods revealed that Bamboo Tea often does not contain Bamboo, but Chinese Carnation.