How Forms are Generated - Evolution meets Development

Among the four types of causality defined by Aristoteles 2500 years ago, the causality of form (causa formalis) was important. The boom of molecular biology has shifted this type of causality a bit out of focus. Meanwhile, it gets clear that we can understand the real innovations in evolution only, when we consider "form" more seriously. The summer school will therefore confront during this week quite different aspects on the problem to develop a deeper and broader understanding of "form". The summer school is interdisciplinary - participants from outside of biology are more than welcome!


Mo, 09. October 2017: Prof. Dr. Annette Becker, Giessen

Flower Evolution


Tue, 10. October 2017: Prof. Dr. Dino Frey, Karlsruhe

Form and Movement


We, 11. October 2017: Dr. Christine Hertler, Frankfurt

Evolution of Hominids


Thu, 12. October 2017: Prof. Dr. Ingo Timm, Trier

Agents, Swarms, NeandertalsAlgorithms in Biology


Fr, 13. October 2017: Prof. Dr. Mathias Gutmann, Prof. Dr. Peter Nick

Interdisziplinary Synopsis of „Form“


Where: Forstliches Bildungszentrum, Fasanenschlösschen, Richard-Willstätter-Allee 2, Karlsruhe. How can I find this?

Language: depending on the participants German or English


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Time: 9:30-15:30, lunch on site (vegetarian lunch available)

Participation: free of costs, but not for nothing - active participation and preparation is expected