Life and Death under Salt Stress - A Question of Timing

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Jasmonate and Stress Resilience in Plants

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The Secret of the Snakeleaf Gene

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Microtubules as Thermometer

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How Plants Change Direction - Microtubules Reorient

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One Signal - Two Effects

53. Campanoni P, Nick P (2005) Auxin-dependent cell division and cell elongation: NAA and 2,4-D activate different pathways. Plant Physiol 137, 939-948. pdf

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Jasmonate Heals Salty Wine

89. Ismail A, Riemann M, Nick P (2012) The jasmonate pathway mediates salt tolerance in grapevines. J Exp Bot 63, 2127-2139. - pdf

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Salty Rice - The Jasmonate Precursor OPDA As Curse of the Pharao?

113. Hazman M, Hause B, Eiche E, Nick P, Riemann M (2015) Increased tolerance to salt stress in OPDA-deficient rice ALLENE OXIDE CYCLASE mutants is linked to an increased ROS-scavenging activity. J Exp Bot 66, 3339-3352 - pdf

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Eine Mutante verwechselt Licht und Dunkel.

Riemann M, Müller A, Korte A, Furuya M, Weiler EW, Nick P (2003) Impaired Induction of the Jasmonate Pathway in the Rice Mutant hebiba. Plant Physiol 133, 1820-1830. pdf

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Microtubules as Stress Sensors

Nick P (2013) Microtubules, and signaling in abiotic stress. Plant Journal 75, 309-323. pdf

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Snowball Effect of Plant Defence

Chang X, Heene E, Qiao F, Nick P (2011) The phytoalexin resveratrol regulates the initiation of hypersensitive cell death in Vitis. PLoS ONE 6, e26405. pdf

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Rotlicht bringt Genschalter in den Zellkern

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Das Herz der Selbstorganisation - ein Actin-Auxin Oszillator.

75. Nick P, Han M, An G (2009) Auxin stimulates its own transport by actin reorganization. Plant Physiology 151, 155-167 (selected for the Faculty of 1000, 21.10.2009). pdf

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Aus Bewegung wird Gestalt.

[4] Nick P (1999) Signals, Motors, Morphogenesis - the Cytoskeleton in Plant Development. Plant Biol 1, 169-179 - pdf

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Killeralge gegen Weinrebe - Krieg der Signale.

39. Kiefer B, Riemann M, Büche C, Kassemeyer HH, Nick P (2002) The host guides morphogenesis and stomatal targeting in the grapevine pathogen Plasmopara viticola. Planta 215, 387-393. pdf

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