WS 2018-2019: Laws - From Physics to Justice

Topic: During this semester, the Forum will deal with "Rules" and "Laws" - what is the origin of our social rules ("moral", "ethics"), are there evolutionary roots, do chimpanzees have a sense of justice, how do social reward systems (such as the facebook likes) act upon our sense of justice, does a world that is ruled by "Natural Laws" leave space for free will or is this just an illusion? These are questions that are negotiated during this semester.


WO: Seminarraum A+B im Audimax, Gbd. 30.95 - Di, 15:45-17:15

27. November 2018: Prof. Dr. Julia Ostner, Göttingen

Evolution of social relationships in humans and other animals


11. Dezember 2018: Prof. Dr. Volker Sommer, London

The Cultured Chimpanzee. Creating social rules


22. Januar 2019: Prof. Dr. Antje Gimmler, Aalborg

What reputation systems do with us?


05. Februar 2019: Prof. Dr. Michael Esfeld, Lausanne

Natural laws and free will



Dates for the Researching Dialogue (Tue, 15:45-17:15, R506-507, Bld. 30.43)

20.11. Preparation talk Ostner

04.12. Discussion talk Ostner / Preparation talk Sommer

08.01. Discussion talk Sommer / Preparation talk Gimmler

29.01. Discussion talk Gimmler / Preparation talk Esfeld

12.02. Rückblick / Vorblick