Microtubules link plant shape with the environment

Microtubules respond to many signals such as light (L), gravity (g) or temperature (T) and control plant growth. They are also tools, by which plants adapt their shape to the environment.


Nick P (1999) Signals, Motors, Morphogenesis - the Cytoskeleton in Plant Development. Plant Biol. 1, 169-179. (71 quotations, state 03.03.2016) - pdf

Worum geht es? Short review on the responses of the plant cytoskeleton to environmental signals and during development. The most important thought: the cytoskeleton is endowed with an innate directionality (polarity), which can be read out by directional movement of motor proteins. This directional movement is the base for the "direction" of plant cells, which in turn is central for plant morphogenesis. "Direction" is thus derived from movement, i.e. an activity. In the final section several case studies are explained from this perspective.