Science and Reality

Topic: Science is often presented as "objective" approach to reality. We try to "explain" reality, which means that we deduce that what happens to some kind of cause. These causes are not simply found in the world, they are developed from our handling of preceding experiences and explanations, which we had made to integrate those experiences into our reality. A pretty subjective matter, as it seems. This polarity between experience and explanation will be explored from different aspects during this term. This is actually a quite political activity as well - we live in a time, where the border between fact and fiction progressively disintegrates, what progressively undermines the base of our society. It is therefore important, to become conscious about the activities we follow, when we encounter reality in the manner called science.


Public Talks


07. Mai 2019, 15:45, AVG/Rundbau (Gbd. 50.41, R145-146)

Dr. Marco Tamborini (Darmstadt)

Knowledge in Deep Time. more...


25. Juni 2019, 15:45, AVG/Rundbau (Gbd. 50.41, R145-146)

Prof. Dr. Marcus Elstner (Karlsruhe)

Simulation and Explanation. more...


16. Juli 2019, 15:45, SR 506-507 (Gbd. 30.43, Bioturm)

Prof. Dr. Dieter Sturma (Bonn)

Language of Thought. more...




Seminars (R 506-507, Biologieturm - Bld. 30.43)

Tue 30.04.2019, 15:45 Survey semester and introduction Tamborini (07.05.2019)

Di 14.05.2019, 15:45 Aftermath of Tamborini

Di 18.06.2019, 15:45 Introduction Elstner (25.06.2019)

Di 02.07.2019, 15:45 Aftermath Elstner, introduction Sturma (16.07.2019)

Di 23.07.2019, 15:45 Digestion and Outlook on Summer School and Winter Term