GATEWAY is a modular system of vectors for plant transformation. The construct of interest is first introduced into the entry vector, and can from there be shuffled into different destination vectors (different FP versions, different selection markers, different placement of the FP on the protein) in a simple recombination reaction. 

The vectors are administrated by Nadja Wunsch, aliquots can be obtained by her, midipreps have to be done by the users themselves.

The list is ordered by purpose

  • 1. donor vector
  • 2. FP fusions for stable transformation
  • 3. FP fusions for transient transformation
  • 4. other applications


1. Donor vector (Entry vector)

Reference number Designation Information
GW-V1 pDONRZeo entry for the system, map detailed information


2. FP fusions for stable transformation

Colour Position Resistance Designation Accession Number Remarks
GFP N-term KanR pK7WGF2,0 GW-V13 map
GFP C-term KanR pK7FWG2,0 GW-V12 map
GFP N-term HygR pH7WGF2,0 GW-V18 map
GFP C-term HygR pH7FWG2,0 still lacking map
GFP N-term BastaR pB7WGF2,0 GW-V34 map
GFP C-term BastaR pB7FWG2,0 still lacking map
RFP N-term KanR pK7WGR2,0 still lacking map
RFP C-term KanR pK7RWG2,0 still lacking map
RFP N-term HygR pH7WGR2,0 GW-V11 map
RFP C-term HygR pH7RWG2,0 GW-V10 map
RFP N-term BastaR pB7WGR2,0 GW-V35 map
RFP C-term BastaR pB7RWG2,0 still lacking map
  GW-V14 pK7WGY2,0 (YFP, kan) midiprep 1,5 µg/µl (4.4.06)    
  GW-V15 pK7WGC2,0 (CFP, kan) midiprep 1,7 µg/µl (4.4.06)    
  GW-V16 pK7YWG2,0 (YFP, kan) midiprep    
  GW-V17 pHGWFS7 (promoter analysis, hyg) midiprep 1,4 µg/µl (23.10.06)    
  GW-V19 pH7WGY2,0 (YFP, hyg) midiprep 0,34 µg/µl (25.5.07)    


High-copy vectors for transient transformation

Reference number Designation Information Fluorescence
GW-V20 p2GWR7 (RFP) midiprep 1,19 µg/µl (7.12.07) - map
GW-V21 p2RGW7 (RFP) midiprep 1,15 µg/µl (7.12.07) - map
GW-V22 p2GWF7 (GFP) midiprep 0,35 µg/µl (27.10.05) - map
GW-V23 p2FGW7 (GFP) midiprep 2,80 µg/µl (21.7.05) - map
GW-V24 p2GWY7 (YFP) midiprep 0,77 µg/µl (27.10.05) - map
GW-V25 p2YGW7 (YFP) midiprep 0,45 µg/µl (27.10.05) - map
GW-V26 p2GWC7 (CFP) midiprep 0,30 µg/µl (27.10.05) - map
GW-V27 p2CGW7 (CFP) midiprep 0,39 µg/µl (27.10.05) - map
GW-V30 pMAV GW YC midiprep 1,93 µg/µl (10.8.05)
GW-V31 pMAV GW YN midiprep 0,58 µg/µl (10.8.05)
GW-V32 pMAV YC GW midiprep 1,76 µg/µl (15.8.05)
GW-V33 pMAV YN GW midiprep 1,85 µg/µl (10.8.05)


Entry vectors

Reference number Designation Information Insert
GW-E01 pENTR Arp3 ÅSTOP 0,22 µg/µl (28.08.05) tobacco actin-related protein 3 (Jan Maisch)
GW-E02 pENTR FABD2 ÅSTOP 0,15 µg/µl (22.07.05) actin-binding domain Ath-fimbrin (Jan Maisch)
GW-E03 pENTR KGAP1 (w/o stop) 0,58 µg/µl (08.11.05) interactor of Ath RanGAP1 (Petra Hohenberger)
GW-E04 pENTR KGAP1ÅSTOP   interactor of Ath RanGAP1 (Petra Hohenberger)
GW-E05 pENTR Mya2ÅSTOP   tail of class XI myosin AthMya2 (Carola Holweg)
GW-E06 pENTR Mya2-DILÅSTOP 0,92 µg/µl (08.11.05) tail class XI myosin AthMya2, truncated DIL (Carola Holweg)
GW-E07 pENTR RanGAP1ÅSTOP   Ath RanGAP1 (Petra Hohenberger)
GW-E08 pENTR Tua3ÅSTOP 174 ng/µl (3.5.07) tobacco tubulin a3 (Petra Hohenberger)
GW-E09 pENTR RanGAP1 (w/o stop)   Ath RanGAP1 (Petra Hohenberger)


Expression vectors

Reference number Designation Information Insert Fluorescence Resistance
GW-X01 pK7WGC2 FABD2 1,1 µg/µl (4.4.06) Fimbrin, stabil   Kan
GW-X02 pK7WGY2 FABD2 0,96 µg/µl (4.4.06) Fimbrin, stabil   Kan


2 µg/µl (26.07.05) Fimbrin, stabil   Kan
GW-X04 p2FGW7 FABD2 2 µg/µl (26.07.05) Fimbrin   transient


0,8 µg/µl (06.12.05) Fimbrin   transient
GW-X06 pK7WGF2 Arp3 1,8 µg/µl (02.09.05) NtArp3   Kan
GW-X07 p2FGW7 Arp3 1,7 µg/µl (02.09.05) NtArp3   transient

p2RGW7 Arp3

0,68 µg/µl (06.12.05) NtArp3   transient


1,1 µg/µl (13.6.07) NtTuA3   Hyg