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PlantAuthent CellQuant TEM & Co

You work with plants or plant products and want to know or to verify, whether reality matches with declaration? Then, we can help you.

Offer: Molecular authentication of plants or plant products including genetic fingerprints.

Objectives: Quality control, safeguard against adulteration, admission of products by authorities, authentication of valuable plants.


You want to understand the mode of action of candidate compounds (e.g. lead structures for herbicides or activators for plant immunity)? We have 30 years of experience with plant cells and have developed many, also quantitative, test systems.

Offer: Quantitative assays based on fluorescent marker cell lines and microfluidic chips for plant cells

Objectives: Mode of Action analysis for herbicides or plant protection compounds


Histological and ultrastructural analysis including SEM and TEM

Objectives: Analysis of wood and other materials