Structure of Jaspaklinolide

Background: Jaspaklinolide is a cyclic peptide from the marine sponge Jaspis johnstoni, and harbours fungicidal and antiproliferative activity. It binds to G-actin at high affinity (15 nM) and forms actin trimeric complexes that stimulate nucleation. In vivo, it has disrupting consequences, caused by kinetic depletion of actin.

Practical usage: 0.1-1 µM inhibit auxin efflux in cell culture, growth of seedlings inhibited by 10 µM, stock solution is 2 mM in DMSO, source: Molecular Probes

Publications: Bopp et al. 1994 give the source description, Bopp et al. 2000 describe the kinetic reasons, why jaspaklinolide is acting as disrupter, Dhonukshe et al. 2008 describe the use of the drug to inhibit actin-dependent auxin transport.