CoroNa Green

structure of CoroNa Green

Mode of action: CoroNa Green is a green fluorescent dye that detects sodium. It is taken up as acetylated, non-fluorescent form, which is cleaved by plant esterases into the active dye, which can chelate sodium and then yield a green signal. To discriminate the signal from membranes and endomembranes, double stain with FM4-64 (red) can be done.

Application: tissue (root segments of sorghum) are stained with 20 µM of CoroNa Green-AM and 20 µM FM4-64 for 2 h. After staining, the specimen is rinsed with 5 mM 2-(N-morpholino)ethanesulfonic acid (MES) buffer, pH 6.3, adjusted with KOH, to remove the unbound dye and then analysed by confocal microscopy.

Publication from our group:

183. Abuslima E, Kanbar A, Raorane ML, Eiche E, Junker BH, Hause B, Riemann M, Nick P (2022) Gain time to adapt – how sorghum acquires tolerance to salinity. Frontiers Plant Sci 13, 1008172 - pdf