01 Concepts About Evolution

Terminology you should know

Cosmogonies, Species Constancy, Descendence Theory, Homology, Criterion of Location, Specific Quality, Continuity, Inheritance of Acquired Traits, Adaptation Need, Variation, Selection, Fitness, Latency Problem, Phenotype, Genotype, Blended Inheritance

Epigenetics, Transgeneration Memory


Concepts you should know, be able to explain, and remember

  • You can explain, why descendence was seen as blasphemic

  • You can explain and apply homology criteria and name examples

  • You can explain the difference of Lamarckian and Darwinian concepts of evolution

  • You can explain the concept of Fitness and the difference with Lamarckian Theory 

  • You can explain the difference between Darwin‘s and Mendel‘s view on inheritance

  • You can explain what epigenetics is and why it is relevant for evolution


To think about

  1. Why was Lamarck and later Darwin attacked by the churches?
  2. Is it possible to do systematics without the concept of descendence?
  3. The pollen tube and a fern gametophyte are homologous? By what criteria?
  4. Why did Koelreuter conclude that the factor of inheritance are doubled?


To read and deepen

  • The Koelreuter-Experiment is set up in the Botanical Garden and explained in detail. more...
  • Essay about Wallace, who proposed the selection theory parallel to Darwin. more...