What we expect you to know


You should know, what these terms mean and you should be able to explain them in your own words.

microtubules . microfilaments (actin filaments) . intermediate filaments . nuclear lamina . microfibrils (cellulose fibres) . posttranslational modification . tubulin detyrosination / retyrosination . isotype . MAPs . kinesins . dyneins . myosins . coassembly . cosedimentation . preprophase band . phragmoplast . cortical microtubules . reinforcement mechanism . microtubule-microfibril hypothesis . katanin . lodging .

German-English Glossary

04 Cytoskeleton: Exercise


1. How does the  ratio between lateral and longitudinal stress change in a cylindrical cell, when the diameter doubles?  

2. Actin and microtubules often run in parallel. How many actin filaments are needed to completely cover one microtubule from all sides?

3. When roots are treated with the microtubule-eliminating alkaloid colchicin, they form a strong swelling just behind the root tip. Can you explain this?

4. Do chloroplasts harbour a cytoskeleton? And what about mitochondria?

5. What is the C-terminal amino acid of human alpha tubulin? What that of Arabidopsis alpha tubulin?