Thorough knowledge of methods is the secret of scientific art.

NOTE: for some important methods that are used by many, we try to provide validated Standard Operation Protocols (SOPs) that have been tested and reviewed.

Lab Basics  



Chemical analytics


  • SOP: HPLC - pdf
  • SOP: Salicylic acid by photometry - pdf

Quantitative physiology

  • How to estimate binding affinity using Michaelis-Menten modelling - pdf
  • How to show receptor binding using a competitor assay - pdf

Molecular Methods - RNA work Standard Operation Protocols (SOPs)

  • SOP: Which kit for what? - pdf (updated 17.07.2018)
  • SOP: Extraction Analytik Jena Kit - pdf (updated 30.08.2018)
  • SOP: Extraction Sigma Kit for grapevine leaves and rice roots - pdf (update 30.08.2018)
  • SOP: Extraction Sigma Kit for wood samples - pdf (updated 17.07.2018)
  • SOP: Extraction Roboklon Kit for cells - pdf (updated 14.06.2021)

Molecular Methods - others

  • workshop RT-qPCR - pdf
  • cDNA synthesis - pdf
  • DNA extraction (CTAB) - pdf
  • BP reaction - pdf
  • LR reaction - pdf

Cellular and Physiological Phenotyping

Microtubule Quantification

  • Coverslip assay (nucleation, elongation, bundling) - pdf
  • Integrity in vivo - pdf
  • Orientation in vivo - pdf

Tubulin Methods

  • Synthesis of carboxy-EPC for affinity chromatography of tyr versus detyr-tubulin - pdf