The Part and the Whole - Systems

Thema: Humans tend to integrate - they perceive themselves, but also the world around them as entities. Are these entities, "real", or are they just existing in our minds, because we have assembled them (what the term "system" is actually meaning)? Is there a whole, which transcends the sum of the parts? The fact that we have a body that appears to us as a more or less clearly delineated entity, covers a bit that entities do not simply exist, but have to come into being (and have to be sustained continually). It is interesting, therefore, to look at "entities" that are not evidently embodied. We will do this in two directions - by moving from our bodily perspective downwards towards the elements below living systems, and by moving upwards into the world beyond of biological individuals, looking at ecosystems, asking the question, whether they are endowed with individuality, how they came into being, and how they sustain themselves. This change of perspective might help us to find a new way to understand "individuality" in ourselves, but also in the world around us.




12. November 2019, 15:45, HS II, Gbd. 30.41

Dr. Dominik Niopek (Heidelberg)

Synthetic Biology: DNA as Software, Biologists as Programmers? mehr...


17. Dezember 2019, 15:45, HS II, Gbd. 30.41

Prof. Dr. Thomas Potthast (Tübingen)

Biodiversity, Community, Ecosystems. mehr...


14. Januar 2020, 15:45, HS II, Gbd. 30.41

Prof. Dr. Dino Frey (Karlsruhe)

The unique Mexican corridor: Evolution of Palaeoecosystems: Life, Climate, Tectonics and the Dinosaur Drama. mehr...


28. Januar 2020, 15:45, HS II, Gbd. 30.41

Dr. Thomas Göttert (Berlin)

Ecosystems in Europe and South Africa. mehr...




Seminartermine (R 506-507, Biologieturm - Gbd. 30.43, 5. OG)

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  • Di 10.12.2019, 15:45 Einführung Potthast
  • Di 07.01.2020, 15:45 Nachlese Potthast, Einführung Frey
  • Di 21.01.2020, 15:45 Nachlese Frey, Einführung Göttert
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