Constructs: Actin

The entire list of constructs can be found here. For many constructs there are data sheets with details. Aliquots of the constructs can be obtained from Sabine Purper giving the code


Which actin-binding molecule? Construct Purpose accession data sheet
FABD2 (Arabidopsis) FABD2-Entry GATEWAY entry clone 20050722a pdf
  p2FGW7-FABD2 GFP, high copy 20050705a pdf
  FABD2-GFP, pUC18 GFP, high copy source construct 20051201a pdf
  pK7WGF2-FABD2 GFP binary, KanR 20050705b pdf
  pH7WGF2-FABD2 GFP binary, HygR 20201124gX pdf
  FABD2-GFP, pCAMBIA GFP binary 20051201b pdf
  FABD2-GFP, source construct GFP binary 20051201c pdf
  NtArp3-Entry GATEWAY entry A001 pdf
  NtArp3-GFP, p2FGW7-ARP3 GFP transient A002 pdf
  NtArp3-RFP, p2RGW7-ARP3  RFP transient A003 pdf
  NtArp3-GFP, pK7WGF2-ARP3 GFP binary A004 pdf
  FABD2-RFP, p2RGW7-FABD2, vector map (serial cloner) RFP transient A007 pdf
  FABD2-RFP, pH7WGR2-FABD2 RFP binary A007_01 pdf
  FABD2-CFP, pK7WGC2-FABD2 CFP binary A009 pdf
  FABD2-YFP, pK7WGY2-FABD2 YFP binary A010 pdf
mouse Talin CFP-Talin (note 24.01.18 identity not clear, to be checked, might be mixed up with CPRF2-CFP, a transcription factor) CFP transient or binary A014 pdf
  YFP-Talin YFP transient or binary A015 pdf
  CFP-Talin / YFP-MBD double labelling actin-MTs transient or binary A016 pdf