Forum kontrovers: Henrik Schärfe (Foundation Autonomous)

Di, 15.11.2016, 17:30 (Daimler HS, 10.21)
Ist das Henrik Schärfe? Nein, es ist sein Roboter-Ebenbild.
Autonomous now!
Cyber-Physical systems are transforming production, AI solutions gain ground in everyday life, robots are everywhere, and vehicles drive themselves. Collectively, these trends emphasize the movement towards autonomous technology. In this talk, Dr. Henrik Scharfe reflects on the societal implications of highly disruptive autonomous systems. The insights are gleaned from the Geminoid-DK project (the world’s most lifelike android crafted in Scharfe’s likeness), as well as the current effort of bringing Level 5 autonomous cars to the streets of Denmark. This is a personal story of a driven man and his work with technology on the edge of tomorrow. 
Henrik Schärfe, PhD 
CEO of Foundation Autonomous, an organisation dedicated to societal change through autonomous technologies. In the past, Henrik Scharfe served as full professor of Information Science at Aalborg, TED speaker, and TIME100 honoree. Dr. Schärfe is known as a passionate international speaker with extensive experience from around the world. He delivers insights at a high pace and typically with a pinch of (very) dry humor.