Plant Evolution - Lectures

The lectures gives the theoretical background for everybody, Bachelor and Master students alike and provides the base for the written examination at the end.

Note: The lecture slides can be found on Ilias (log in with your KIT credentials, if you are outside the KIT, make sure that you are linked through vpn). Path: Fakultät für Chemie und Biowissenschaften - current semester - BIO_MA_FOR_1202_Plant_Evolution)

Note: For each lecture there is a page "Materialien", that is supposed to help you preparing for the exam. Here you can find advice on things that are important to remember, some questions as they might come up in the exam, and additional links, if you want to deepen your knowledge on that topic.




Thema  Materialien
Mo, 17.04.2023 13:00-14:15 1. Concepts About Evolution here
Tue, 18.04.2023 13:00-14:15 2. Mechanisms: Variation and Selection here
We, 19.04.2023 13:00-14:15 3. Mechanisms: Speciation and Coevolution here
Thu, 20.04.2023 13:00-14:15 4. Macroevolution and EvoDevo here
Fri, 21.04.2023 13:00-14:15 5. Key Points of Plant Evolution here
Mo, 24.04.2023 13:00-14:15 6. Molecular Phylogeny here
Tue, 25.04.2023 13:00-14:15 7. Coevolution of Plants with Pathogens here
We, 26.04.2023 13:00-14:15 8. Coevolution of Plants with Humans here