What we expect you to know


You should know, what these terms mean and you should be able to explain them in your own words and can give an example

autecology - primavel forest in europe - succession - plant sociology - plant community/phytocenose - association - index species - differential species - indicator plant

Concepts you should know, be able to explain, and remember

  • a short overview about the landscape history of the black forest region
  • the taxonomy of plant communities
  • adaptation of plants to their environment
  • adaption of plant to cultivation of greenland
  • co evolution examples in regional plants

08: Coevolution of Plants with Ecosystems

1. In the 19th century, the first action company, the VOC (United East India Company), was founded in the Netherlands. What does it have to do with the history of the Schwarzwald?

2. Normally everyone thinks that primavel forest are something with enormous biodiversity. Why do you tend to be disappointed when you hike through an European jungle?